Experience the Future of Revenue Cycle Management Today with Jorie A.I. Infused RPA BOTs

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Jorie Healthcare Partner Robotic Process Automation

Jorie’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one small step for Healthcare Business and one giant leap for cost and time savings in your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes.

It’s all about Jorie BOTs and the chance to automate up to 60% of the revenue cycle processes like eligibility verification, pre-authorizations, receivables management and payment posting  combining them with your outsourced, on-shore and offshore medical billing team who can now focus on solving more complex claim challenges.

“What takes a human mind 15 minutes to compute, Jorie BOTs can analyze in 1 minute.

Jorie BOTs are the start of “smart” hospitals and clinics.  Revenue-stressed organizations can benefit from implementing our Jorie BOTs to bring down their aging AR days and recover lost revenue that’s left on the table. This synergy between Jorie and healthcare organizations help generate more accounts receivable revenue and better fiscal outcomes. Jorie BOTs dramatically improve accounting accuracy and overall business efficiency with minimal human intervention, operations run error-free around-the-clock.

Jorie’s RPA technology are up and running 50 x faster than hiring and training a new resource. Revenue Cycle Directors and Managers, CFO’s and other healthcare financial leaders welcome this ingenious technology that, in addition to generating money, solves the challenge of obtaining resources and hiring more staff in a tight labor market.

The greatest value, however, is the financial freedom RPA produces for healthcare organizations to fulfill their higher goals of providing more care for their patients and better clinical outcomes. You can count on a great return on your investment.

See our Jorie BOTs in action! Schedule an eye opening demo here.


Where Jorie BOTs Out-Perform Manual Efforts            

  • Handling complex claims & A/R follow-up
  • Payment posting
  • Eligibility & benefits verification
  • Charge capture & billing
  • Pre-Authorizations with propensity to pay predictions


Artificial Intelligence from the Real Brains at Jorie

It’s natural that the development of an ingenious robotic solution should come from a company with decades of performance improvement experience. In its constant search for meaningful, sustainable and measurable results in the medical billing world, the team at Jorie Healthcare Partners worked for many years on perfecting the A.I. machine learning algorithms.

Once launched, it performed so well internally at Jorie Healthcare for its own physician practices, that the company soon made plans to offer Jorie BOTs automation to external healthcare provider organizations who want a better way to automate the myriad of financial minutia required by RCM.

Jorie BOTs are available right now, ready to be customized to your specific needs and revolutionize the way you manage your RCM. Call (888) 522-0022 or schedule a Jorie BOT demo today. Experienced operators are standing by.

About Jorie Healthcare Solutions

Jorie Healthcare Partners is a leading, independently owned healthcare practice management and consulting firm that exclusively serves hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and physician practices using an integrated, multi-disciplinary, tailored approach. We help our clients improve their financial, operational and clinical performance across the organization to sustain long-term, measurable results. This system positions providers of all kinds to succeed in today’s challenging and rapidly changing revenue cycle regulations.

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