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Jorie Joins The Corporate Fight Against Single Usage Plastic

Playing its part in the worldwide ongoing initiative to ban single-usage Plastic, Jorie HealthCare has introduced a ‘No-Plastic Policy’ in its Mohali and Chicago-based offices. The healthcare consulting firm has started the first phase of this program by replacing single-use plastic bottles with glass bottles and aluminum caps.

“The purpose of this policy is to show that we can reduce our dependence on all forms of plastic,” says Anita Sumra Singh, CEO, Jorie Healthcare. “Given the state of our oceans and our planet, we are eager to implement an environmentally-friendly office that takes care of its employees and encourages them to minimize their carbon footprint as well,” she said.

Jorie has also forgone plastic coasters in favor of waste tile material. In addition to this, the healthcare consulting company is also implementing a paperless office and has tied up with Quark City to pepper its spaces with NASA’s approved list of air-purifying plants.

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