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Experience a live virtual demo for A.I. Powered R.P.A. for Improved R.C.M..

Chicago, IL July 13, 2020 – Jorie Healthcare Partners, a technology-driven practice and revenue cycle

management (RCM) company servicing hospitals, physician groups and diagnostic providers to improve

the quality and economics of healthcare revenue cycle will be exhibiting at the 2020 Q1 Productions

virtual healthcare revenue cycle management forum which will be held on July 22 – 24 for the West coast

and September 16 – 17 for the East coast. This event will be hosted by Q1 Production and powered by


The Jorie team will be on hand to discuss how we are helping many hospitals and physician groups

overcome RCM challenges they face, especially now more than ever in the post-COVID-19 world with

custom solutions that include A.I infused Robotic Process Automation supported by a highly skilled

a workforce that will guarantee to enhance efficiencies with greater cost savings and allowing the front end

providers to focus on what matters – patient care.

The forum provides the opportunity for knowledge share and peer-to-peer engagement through a blend

of educational presentations, discussion groups led by experienced revenue cycle executives, and targeted

one-on-one networking introductions with select partners.

About Jorie Healthcare Partners

Jorie Healthcare Partners is an 'outcome sourcing' company, providing practice and revenue cycle management services to the healthcare industry. Jorie features its own physician practice group with an

On-Shore Central Billing Office out of Oak Brook, IL as well as an exclusive Dedicated Delivery Center in

Chandigarh, India with 1200+ resources. As a global service, technology, and analytics leader, Jorie is

committed to optimizing value for its clients and their businesses. The company was created to provide

excellence in revenue capture for physician and hospital support within the healthcare space.

For more

information visit www.joriehc.com

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