Success Stories

Pain Group Maintains Independence


A high-volume pain group in Texas was terminating it's an employment contract and establishing independent practices.

The group was anticipating initial start-up costs, including increased operational costs and issues around physician alignment.  Their cash flow and manpower were limited and hindered their ability to move forward with their objectives.


Jorie engaged the physician group for solutions, including practice management and revenue cycle management.

We built out IT infrastructure at each clinical location, implementing EMR, billing and phone networks, creating a centralized billing and scheduling operation.  Supplemental services were also rolled out to train staff and credential the physicians.

Additionally, we expanded its service line by establishing a small procedure center.


Cash flow-positive within 6 months and an increase of over 100% in professional revenue in the first year. The creation of the procedure center resulted in a 125% increase in total revenue (professional + facility) for the group.

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