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This is How Jorie Healthcare Helps Partners Generate And Capture Revenue.

The core component of any healthy business: a sustained revenue cycle that grows over time. This growth is not only required to retain essential staff and talent such as doctors and nurses, it also allows you to gradually and consistently improve your infrastructure and quality of services.

Jorie Healthcare Partners has developed many verticals to help you extract the maximum yield from your existing assets, along with helping you develop a more diversified set of services to your potential customers, or in a nutshell: develop and build an efficient and satisfactory revenue cycle management system.

The execution for each vertical differs with each individual partner but the following have proven to be exceptionally effective upon implementation within this revenue cycle management system.

Referral management

Patient referrals are executed usually at a critical stages of treatment. This usually requires committing multiple resources, assets and specialists for an individual at a time. One simple way is to place a patient co-ordinator to oversee and facilitate this process, but that’s not enough.

Jorie Healthcare Partners helps you track and resolve any deadlocks that may occur while carrying out this process. This helps you reduce any delays and unnecessary costs, which affect your quality of service and revenue cycle management.

Underpayment Analysis

Many hospitals and clinics lose out on insurance payments/underpayments usually by third party providers. This becomes a sizable dent on potential revenue over time as it is simple written off as ‘contractual adjustments’.

We track down and identify correct and incorrect underpayments, adjustments and zero payments. Then we move to validate findings with insurance vendors and arrive at the correct course of action.

Patient Access

Currently Jorie Healthcare Partners is at the forefront of internet and communication technology. This enables us to empower patients to take their healthcare into their own hands. Facilities that give their patients the ability to schedule their appointments usually see a higher influx of repeat appointments. This translates into improved revenue cycle in the long run, and is an excellent example of good revenue cycle management practises.

At Jorie Healthcare Partners, we help in integration of your practice with a suitable appointment systems for an improved overall patient experience.

Coding Review

The transformation of medical diagnosis from illness, treatment, procedures and medical equipment into alphanumeric code has greatly improved the overall experience of medical treatment for patients.

Our team reviews every medical code that is used in your billing system. They cross reference doctor’s notes and make sure that all codes have been placed correctly. This impacts the insurance claim procedure which reflects in better revenue.

Virtual Scribe

A virtual scribe is an individual that remotely accompanies the doctor of patient visits. The key role of the virtual scribe is to take down critical notes during the medical examination. They also keep all medical charts and treatment records available off-site (digitally) so that the doctor can concentrate more on treating the patient in person.

This greatly improves the treatment experience for the patient and the doctor. It also greatly reduces the time taken by the doctor per appointment. This enables them to see more patients in the same amount of time which improves the overall revenue.

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